Zerky in Switzerland

Zerky in the Swiss Alps

Zerky in the Swiss Alps

September 2, 1967, Zermatt, Switzerland.

I am writing this from inside our little tent beneath the Matterhorn in Switzerland, while watching the snow coming down. Your mother and I think it is fun but you and Tarzan definitely do not. Since our tent is not large enough to move around in, you are suffering the agonies of having to sit still. Tarzan, who has more sense, has burrowed down into the foot of your mother’s sleeping bag and is sound asleep. JoAnne says he is hibernating because he has been there ever since it started snowing four days ago. We are talking about trying to put you into hibernation, too, Zerky. You are not a happy camper.

Prior to this heavy snowfall, were doing a lot of day hiking on foot, your mother carrying a knapsack and myself carrying you. Many of the mountain peaks around here are accessible by mountain railways and teleferiques, suspended cable gondolas for carrying people up into some of the most amazing places. You are quite happy with our newfound way of doing things and I hope your attitude doesn’t change once you have finished learning how to walk.

Zerky and Tarzan about to Assult the Matterhorn - Zermatt, Switzerland

Zerky and Tarzan about to Assult the Matterhorn - Zermatt, Switzerland

—Excerpted from Letters to Zerky

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