Praise for “Letters to Zerky”


“That rare travelogue with no sense of ego and a true sense of discovery.”  –Kyle Wagner, the Denver Post

“What a tribute to your late wife and son!”  –Marlene Majewska, California

“Any reader will be mesmerized by this truly unique family vacation that makes Disney World look dull.” –James McCormack, Midwest Book Review

“A buoyant, bittersweet and often plaintively gorgeous travel memoir.” –Kirkus Discoveries

“A beautiful tribute written by a father to his son.  A captivating narrative.  Storytelling at its best.  Zerky’s winning smile and sociable nature became Bill and JoAnne’s window of opportunity for creating good will and winning friends around the world.”  –Readers Views

“A trip of a lifetime.  A warm and entertaining book.  You will certainly enjoy going along for the ride.  A memorable trip.”  –Marcella Gautier, Escapees Magazine

“We were so touched when we read “Letters to Zerky.”  –The Explorateur

“A real-life caper loaded with hair-raising events.” Christina Waters, California

“I can’t even imagine such a trip—and with a baby yet!  The last pages brought a lump to my throat! –Delores Sorenson, Wisconsin

“At its heart, Letters to Zerky is about the love of a family.” –ForeWord Clarion

“A trip of a lifetime, a warm and entertaining book.  You will certainly enjoy going along for the ride, a memorable trip.” Marcella Gautier, Escapees Magazine

“I am amazed at some of the situations you encountered on that journey.  Your story brings back the freshness of the late ‘60s.” 
–Jon Reed, California

“What a wonderful adventure. You are a very good public speaker and story-teller.” –James Ashbacher, California

“I so enjoyed your book of letters describing your journey in 1967 and ‘68. Your adventures made me smile, laugh and cry a little.” –Denise McMillan, California

“Amazing. I felt as if I were on a journey with you, each step of the way. I am not a history buff, but was glad you are. I have a family in your area, who has visited Zerky’s Beach. They love it and find it quite peaceful.” –Marika Conley, California

“Kudos are definitely in order for the author for including not only a wealth of color photos of the trip, but also lots of maps.”  –Robert Welch, The Californian

“A quick, easy read I couldn’t put down, written in a unique way. This window into the past is fascinating and alluring. Lots of history, geography, maps and adorable photos.” –Book Reviews

“The maps are excellent.”  –Stan Stevens, University of California Librarian Emeritus

“Enough sublime joy, crushing tragedy and pivotal life changes to embarrass a Russian novelist.”  –Author Wallace Baine, California

“I started reading at once. You hit this one out of the park. Congratulations!”  –Author Christopher Reich, California

“A life-altering passage that continues even today.”   –Author Brandon Wilson, Italy

“A grabber.” –Author Dan Bessie, France

“I found it hard to put down. You and JoAnne have created a masterpiece.” –Author Joe Vloemans, San Francisco

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is now on my list to re-read in five years. The letters draw the reader in so completely that it is just like being there.”  –Kim Orloff, California

“It was wonderful! Bravo!  –Jane Floyd, Washington

“Had to force myself to put it down periodically. Had to pick it right up again.”  –Judi Cochrane, Oregon

“Thanks a million. Enjoying a second read.”  –Ann Jaede, Minnesota

“I cannot tell you how much we loved the book.”  –Helen Rask, North Dakota

“What a wonderful and heart warming book! I am enjoying it immensely.  –Jeanne Thompson, Wisconsin

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book. Your humor added a lot.”  –Lin Maurer, Oregon

“What a Wonderful book. I could not put it down… Will send it to my family, most of whom are travelers. A treat to read.”  –Judith Guffey, Hawaii

“I want you to know that—well—I just cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I couldn’t put it down. The dishes are undone. The house is a mess, and all because I couldn’t get anything else done but read. The fact that life goes on is a perfect ending of the book.”  –Robin Zimmer, California

“One of the best I ever read.” –Esqui Torres, Utah

“Just finished your book and I can’t sleep; the last few chapters have touched me deeply.”  –Terry Kleid, California

“Thank you so much for writing this book. I really enjoyed it.  –Stephen, Barisof, California

“A book of Love”  –Leslie Patrick, Goodtimes