More About Dead Guys

I originally wrote “Dead Guys” for the purpose of including it in the book I self-published back in 2009, “Letters to Zerky, a Father’s Legacy to a Lost Son and a Road Trip Around the World.”  However when I submitted the uncompleted manuscript to one one of my editor friends, I was told it was too far off the path for a travel memoir.  He was right.  So I took it out.  Now I am well into writing my second book, “In Search of a Lost Penny,” where this Dead Guys piece fits in very well.  Taking it out of the Zerky book was a very good thing to do.

I received my first shipment from the printer of the new paperback edition  “Letters to Zerky” just three days ago.   I will probably be putting it on sale in a couple of months  or so.  It will retail for $14.95, which I believe to be a very good bargain because it contains more than 130 colored and black and white maps and pictures.  Pictures and maps drive up  the price of a book considerably, especially when they are in color.  Should anyone want to by a pre-release copy, best email me at   –Bill

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